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Forest Restaurant

With a panoramic view over Bach Thanh lake, Forest Restaurant offers a culinary experience infused with and inspired by fresh, luscious nature.


Poem Restaurant

Surrounded by a magnificent glass structure from floor to celling with a skylight nestled in the center, the Poem Restaurant appears almost transparent amongst lush foliage, flooded with natural light and opening up to the poetic scenery outside. The restaurant offers buffet and À la carte menu for a luxurious culinary experience in the midst of nature.


Bamboo Wings Restaurant

The pride of Vietnamese architecture with multiple international awards – Bamboo Wings Restaurant offers distinctive Asian cuisines in a harmonious setting of wind, water, greenery and art hills.


The Beach Restaurant

Located at the edge of the forest with vast stretches of grassland, this waterfront restaurant offers diners an invigorating open space with fresh air and hearty cuisine.


Sky Bar & Restaurant

A romantic stroke on the canvas of the sky – Sky Bar & Restaurant features an indoor dining area with infinity glass walls and an outdoor garden sky bar. With open space, natural lighting and a breathtaking panoramic view, this is the place to be for a culinary experience of cloud-nine relaxation.



Container Bar

Flamingo Contemporary Art Museum – Pine Forest
Inspired by colorful containers nestled in a pine forest, Container Bar has a chilling vibe for every art lovers to indulge in contemporary art while grapping their favourite drinks.


The Beach Bar

Situated by the shore of Dai Lai Lake, The Beach bar offers the most romantic view with fresh open-space architecture and elegant décor, creating a cozy atmosphere for an enjoyable getaway.


Piano Bar

A luxurious yet cozy lobby bar where you can stop by any time of day – be it to enjoy some morning coffee, afternoon tea, sunset cocktail or light snacks in a refined atmosphere of soft piano music.


Poem Bar

With its signature winged bamboo architecture resembling a bird taking flight, the Poem pool bar offers a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere for when you would like to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of cocktail.


Palm Pool Bar

The perfect combination of indoor & outdoor space, this enchanting tropical oasis is where you can enjoy freshly made drinks for a signature resort paradise experience.